Artist Steve Slimm App Download

Yes I have made an art app - and would love to share it with you! It contains all sorts of interesting features and stuff you won't necessarily see on the web, which I will be adding to regularly. Of course there is a link back to this website - and all my current discount coupons are listed there for you to use too - providing you with my best prices!

Here's the link to download the app - it works on Iphones and androids  - and touchscreen type PCs (as far as I'm aware) 

Download the Steve Slimm Art App

[Just put your email address into the box on the right, and click 'send link'. You'll then be able to open the app download from your email account. Make sure you use an email address that's accessible from your phone!]

Once downloaded you need to register an account with name and email address, and a password. If you encounter problems, just email me. ( To get the latest updated version of the app at any time, you'll need to close it down and re-open it. It will then be automatically updated. I shall send out a notification from time to time telling you of any new content. Have fun with it, and give me feedback please - plus ideas of what you might like to see included in it. 

And if you love the app - please share it with your friends by sending them the link. Thanks.

Steve :)